Cell-U-Light – Wireless Cell Density Monitor

The Challenge

Rob and Chris cultivate cells in a biology lab at Imperial College London. While their cells are growing, they have to take samples by hand every 5 minutes, in order to monitor the density of cells in the cell culture. If they miss a reading and the cells multiply too much, they have to scrap the entire culture. They came to HackScience, looking for a better, automated way of monitoring the cell density.

The Solution

The Cell-u-light team managed to create a wireless optical sensor in a weekend! The watertight sensor monitors cell density from right inside the culture and wirelessly sends data to a PC. Furthermore, 10 cultures can be logged in parallel by one PC! This may well provide an indispensable sensor for the biology community.

5 Hours a day saved

Meet The Team

The Cell-u-light team quickly took to each other and worked efficiently to pool their skills. One member would be testing one feature, while another would be designing a CAD model for the next version!

The Future

Cell-u-light is currently undergoing an exciting redesign, allowing it to be sterilised in an autoclave, while drastically reducing its footprint

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