SingleCell – Single Cell Detection

The Challenge

SingleCell wanted to calculate the trajectory of cancer cells and actively sort them in arrays for subsequent biomarker detection. The current technologies in the market opt for highly complex optical systems while also not leaving much room for interfacing with other analytical systems.

The Solution

SingleCell have developed a system which performs single cell counting, as well as taking impedance measurements on individual cells! They achieved this through leveraging microfluidic technologies and interfacing them with low-cost electronics.

10 Hours a day saved

£10,000 saved

Meet The Team

The SingleCell team successfully combined Stelios’ lab ingenuity with Martin and Nick’s electronics know-how to rapidly build a working prototype. A truly remarkable team!

The Future

The SingleCell team are currently developing another layer of sophistication in the electronic detection system. This will incorporate frequency techniques, enabling sorting of cells based on phenotype.

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