SolarControl – Controlled Degradation Conditions of Solar Cells

The Challenge

Seb works in the field of Photovoltaics and investigates next generation materials for light harvesting. A major challenge for these materials is long term stability. However, to subject a solar cell to a wide range of controlled conditions is time consuimng and costly. This is a why an automated systme that can collect data over extended time periods for multiple samples is key to faster research.

The Solution

SolarControl managed to generate a system that could scan through multiple pixles on multiple samples allowing them to collect key device data, such as Efficency. This means the amount of data collected has been revolutionsed for our researcher and since its automated, he has more time investigating other challenges.

4 Hours a day saved

Meet The Team

An efficient team, that created an easy automated data collection system to monitor device paramters as a function of ageing in a controlled conditions for multiple samples at once. Can you believe they did that in one weekend?

The Future

SolarControl, now want to integrate a sealed environment, which will allow them to have more control over the conditions exposed to the devices with lower cost than the current system used in their research.

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