Solvent Dispenser

The Challenge

Oli is a Plastic Electronics researcher at Imperial College London. He works with organic semiconductors, with which he prepares multiple solutions with mixtures of solvents in varying concentrations. This solution-preparing work can be laborious, repetetive and not to mention time-consuming. To solve this, Oli enlisted the help of HackScience to automate and accelerate his solution preparation.

The Solution

The Solution Dispenser team generated an automated system that could dispense controlled amounts of solvent into a number of vials. They even added a touch screen display for dilution control! Simple, powerful and effective.

6 Hours a Week

Meet The Team

Another great example of a researcher connected with engineers to achieve lab automation. The team quickly gelled, meeting even in advance of the Hackathon to share ideas and their interdisciplinary knowledge.

The Future

The Solvent Dispenser is being updated from the working prototype into a neatly packaged desktop device.

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