Vac’n’Go – Portable Vacuum Oven

The Challenge

Vacuum ovens consume a large amount of space and are expensive. They also have issues of cross-contamination and disruped heat flow due to constant use by many members in a group. Its these reasons that drove Jameel, a chemistry researcher at Imperial College London, to come to HackScience, looking to create a low-cost portable vacuum oven for individual use.

The Solution

Vac’N’Go created an awesome compact working model in 48 hrs! The sealed container could hold a vacuum and allowed controlled temperature selection operated via an external display.

One Person Oven

Meet The Team

Vac’N’Go yielded the collaboration between two engineers and a reserach chemist, with great effect. Over one weekend they produced a working product and a relationship that will help drive further lab automation.

The Future

Vac’N’Go are working towards implementing greater PID control to improve temperature control for drying samples.

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