The Team

We are a diverse team of engineers and scientists with a bold mission – accelerating biotech innovation with next-gen automation. We believe that by making work in biotech labs far more reproducible while freeing up scientist time from manual tasks in the lab, we can bring cutting-edge biotech research to the world much sooner

Ali Afshar

Ali brings together cross-discipline scientific experience from the lab, with previous experience of building a hardware and software startup. Having automated manual work in the lab for himself before, he dreams of a world where scientists’ time is freed for thinking up new experiments and understanding the science

Ignacio Willats

Ignacio is a serial entrepreneur, with a passion for lean methodology. He’s also experienced at product management, having worked at DueDil, and prides himself on rigorous user testing early.

Henry Miskin

Software Developer
Simply put, Henry is a fearless engineer who can take on any challenge. He holds an MSc in Computer Science from Imperial college, and brings experience from stints at IBM and JP Morgan.

James Cunningham

Hardware Design Engineer
James brings experience in taking a hardware product from prototype to manufacture at Walk With Path. He holds an MSc in Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College

Elijah Mojares

Cell Culture Specialist
Elijah handles our internal lab testing, culturing different cell lines wih our system, characterising performance and giving rich feedback


Pierre-Edouard Harant

Manufacturing Expert
As managing director of the contract manufacturer RPD International, Pierre-Edouard aids in strategy, manufacturing knowledge, as well as pointers on team management

Damien Tanner

Serial Software Entrepreneur
As a three-time successful enterprise software entrepreneur, Damien brings rich expertise in enterprise sales and marketing, pricing structure and funding, as well as managing a team.

Chris Corbishley

Growth and Strategy Expert
Chris is an Investor at Forward Partners, a leading early-stage VC. Having previously founded, as well as supporting UK scale-ups such as Skyscanner, Chris advises on matters ranging from early-stage growth to pricing.

Paul May

Serial Deep Tech Entrepreneur
Having been a board member at a number of deep tech companies, as well as founding CTO of Cambridge Display Technologies, Paul advises on delivering enterprise hardware solutions and how to interface with industry

There's always room for more!

If you are interested in joining the team, get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as we can!